Audiotorium Notes

Audiotorium Notes

The best notes taking app on the iPad! If you take notes, you need this app. A great way record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes from your meetings, classes, and conferences. With its beautiful interface and unique approach to organizing notes by Category and Subject, you'll always be able to find the notes you want, fast. An elegant way to record audio while taking text notes.

Note taking

  • Share your notes with friends and colleagues via WiFi, email or Dropbox sharing
  • All your text notes are backed up to the cloud instantly and available from anywhere
  • Stunning user interface. Customize your notes with a choice of different paper textures and fonts.
  • Customize your Subjects with a choice of over 40 icons
  • Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Dropbox Integration

We now have integrated Dropbox support, so your notes will be backed up to the cloud and available instantly, anywhere, to
any device with internet access. You can review or edit your notes on your desktop and the changes will automatically sync back to the app. For more information on Dropbox, go to

Audio recording

  • Record hours of audio in each note
  • Use audio bookmarks to mark and find important sections of audio later
  • Navigate through audio record with scrolling and zooming the timeline
  • Pause and continue recording audio

TextExpander Integration

Instantly insert the date, time, common phrases or any other text with just a few keystrokes. Define your own abbreviations for often used text that is specific to your business or note taking subject. If you are a student taking notes in classes, this will make entering commonly used terms and phrases easy. Once you have snippets set up, the best note taking app on the iPad will also be the fastest! For more information on TextExpander, go to