June 10, 2011
5:58 pm

The Story Behind VideoBot for iOS

We are really excited to finally release VideoBot for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. VideoBot was created to solve a few problems I found myself and my friends running into on our iOS devices.

I have a lot of videos. A lot. Trying to find a particular video amongst the hundreds I have — and those videos are scattered among thousands of photos — well, you can imagine that it isn’t the best user experience in the world trying to do that in the Photos app. Often, even if I manage to find what I think is the video I’m looking for, I can’t be sure it’s the right one without watching it — the video has no title, notes or tags associated with it. I really need to see some information — some context — about the video. You can’t do that with the Photos app either.

This problem can be summed up as one of context and organization. If I have a particular video, I need to understand the context it was recorded in — the date, the title, tags or notes. Sometimes I may be able to deduce the context by watching some of the video, sometimes I can’t. So, it seems clear to me that videos need to have context associated with them.

In addition to having context associated with videos, I’d really like to group videos with similar context together. I have lots of videos of my friends and I’d like to keep all those together. I have way too many videos of my slightly neurotic Dorgy dog, Kiki and I’d like to keep all those together. And not only would I like to keep these videos together in a collection, but I’d like to arrange them in that collection in a custom order to make browsing easier. Without being able to organize my videos, finding the ones I’m looking for becomes increasingly difficult the more videos I have.

So, not only are there shortcomings in context and organization when using the Photos app, but also the Camera app doesn’t offer enough flexibility when recording video. Particularly when you want to record yourself using the the primary HD camera — typically you’d set the device up, start recording and then get into position in front of the device. It would really be better to be able to delay the recording until you are in front of the camera and ready. Otherwise, you are forced to edit the first 30 seconds or so of video of you getting into position. It seems like a simple problem, but if you do a lot of video recording of this type, its quite annoying.

VideoBot addresses all of these issues for iOS users. It’s a wonderful new way to record, organize and search videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The first and only iOS app to combine first-class video recording tools and metadata editing with incredibly flexible video organization tools to keep videos of a similar theme, genre or assignment together.

Organize your videos by genre, subject, assignment or anything else using collections
Further organize videos within collections using drag-and-drop custom ordering
Add important information to each video – title, tags and notes
Filter your videos across all collections by title, tags and notes
Delay and duration timers provide flexible video recording options

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